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A Very Specific Holiday Season

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The holiday season is the perfect time to show the appreciation you have for loved ones. From spending quality time together, to getting them specific gifts that are unique and special to them, this is the best time to prove how much they truly mean to you. Though you can find our other blog article, The Best Tips for Giving Gifts, as a guide on general tips for picking out the right gifts for anyone on your list, KIMSU wanted to provide some tips on how our jewelry pieces can be a perfect surprise, with unique meanings. These pieces can be specific to the architect, business woman, writer, and any other powerhouse woman you have in your life. KIMSU jewelry offers products that can identify with each kind of powerhouse woman, and these suggestions give you a head start on where to look this holiday season.

The Gold Gira Ring is perfect for the architect in your life

KIMSU jewelry was inspired from a background in architecture and interior design. With this in mind, it would make sense that any piece from the KIMSU jewelry line would be special to anyone with an interest in architecture. However, there is one piece that stands out among all other pieces as being the perfect ring for the architect in your life. This perfect ring is the Gold Gira Ring. This ring is not only geometrically interesting with its multiple layers and shaping, but it is also based around modern sculptures. This dynamic piece represents the imagery we see in today’s world, and puts it together in a single ring, much like architecture does with buildings.  The gold coloring also fits into the architecture profile, as it is a special formula that KIMSU creates. Its uniqueness and attention to detail, are all attributes found within those who love and appreciate the art, coloring, and designing found in architecture. The Gold Gira Ring signifies everything it means to be an architect, and will help to continue to fuel your loved one’s passion in the future.

The Scala Pendant is a perfect gift for the on the go business woman

Though the Gold Gira Ring is perfect for someone interested in architecture, it’s the Scala Pendant that works best for your business woman. A business professional needs to look professional, but be comfortable enough to do her job and run around from task to task. This pendant goes easily with any outfit and is perfect for a woman who is always on the go. It allows her to create a statement without making her think about what kinds of outfits she has to wear to pair with the pendant. It goes with all colors, styles, and occasions with its sleek and simple design. The Scala Pendant also represents standing out in the corporate world and making sure your voice is heard. With one silver rod in a group of gold, the pendant represents how unique this woman is compared to others in her field and in your life. It acts as a daily reminder to stand tall and firm behind her ideals as she deals with the corporate world. The Scala Pendant is bold, easy to wear, and has a special meaning and motivating qualities for the business women in your life.

The Quadrato Ring is perfect for writers

Having discussed a ring and a pendant, it is only natural to talk about earrings next. The Quadrato Earrings are the perfect piece of jewelry for the writer or language enthusiast. Just like any other artist, writers like pieces that are unique and catch the eyes of spectators. The clean-cut lines of this design create a geometrical focal point to their outfits that will start conversations. Another reason that the Quadrato Earrings are perfect for writers, is because they are literally based off an alphabet. The hangŭl or Korean alphabet is the inspiration for these earrings. KIMSU’s creative and co-founder, Sue Woo Kim, is originally from Korea and created a piece based around her native home’s language. This meaning gives the earrings even more depth and allows for writers to wear the alphabet from their ears in a dynamic and bold piece of jewelry. The Quadrato Earrings create the perfect inspiration and symbolism for the passion and love of writers.

            KIMSU is a company that was created on the passions of its two co-founders. Our pieces are created to expose and fuel the passion of others. This holiday season we want our bold designs and clean-cut lines, to create dynamic pieces that empower each woman to achieve their goals and become the best in their passions. Whether these women are architects, business professionals, writers, or in any other field, KIMSU has the jewelry for every kind of powerhouse woman. So this holiday season, get the woman in your life a present that looks beautiful and strong, but has a dynamic and specific meaning for her to relate to. This holiday season get her something that is specific to her.

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