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Birthstone Jewellery: Emeralds for May

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May is a beautiful month. Right in the middle of Spring, it is a time of stunning natural beauty, this makes emerald the perfect birthstone for May. Emerald birthstone jewellery is the perfect way to celebrate Spring, as the rich green gem symbolises renewal, rebirth, and love. Believed to grant youth, good fortune, and foresight, the stunning stone has been coveted by glamorous women for thousands of year, from Cleopatra to Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie.

 Emerald Birthstone Jewellery - Ring

Emerald Birthstone Jewellery

Today, emerald is considered to be a symbol of loyalty, peace, and security, which would make a piece of emerald jewellery a really meaningful gift. So if you are planning on making a gift of the May birthstone, there are a few things to look out for:

  • Cut – Even the highest quality emeralds will have an inclusion, so the stones are often cut in an elongated oval shape to minimise any imperfections and maximise the brilliant sparkle.


  • Colour – The deeper the hue, the more valuable and rare the emerald is Those that are a vivid blue-green are the most valuable, with lighter grass greens being more common and therefore, lower In price.

 Emerald Jewellery Cut and Clarity

  • Size – When it comes to the emerald, it is just as at home on a large pendant, as it is on a small and simple pair of stud earrings. So, when it comes to the emerald, bigger is not always better. When buying an emerald, always speak to a trusted jeweller, and look at the jewellery in person, so you can see the colour and clarity in natural light.


Although emeralds are found all over the world, in places such as South America and Africa, high-quality stones are a rarity. Therefore, emeralds often undergo a lot of clarification or are extremely expensive. That can put the green precious stone way out of budget for many of us.


An Alternative to Emerald Jewellery

Are you finding emeralds to be a little bit on the expensive side, but still would like to pay tribute to your (or a special someone's) birth month? Then why not choose a green semi-precious stone. The advantage of a green semi-precious stone is that you will never get two that are exactly the same. They are often multifaceted, with a staggering rage of tones in just one stone and in different lights, new colours will shine through.


Here at KIMSU, we have some high-quality malachite jewellery, which makes a beautiful substitute for emerald birthstone jewellery. Malachite has a gorgeous deep teal shade, rippled with lighter sea-green tones. Set into exquisite creamy gold, that perfectly complements the forest green hues of the semi-precious stone. Any of these pieces would make a great gift for a May baby, or even a special treat for yourself, especially if you have always wanted some birthstone jewellery.


Malachite and Gold Jewellery

Clockwise from Top Left: Open Ring Gold; Triangolo Pendant Gold; Quadrato Earring Gold; Triangolo Ring Gold; Triangolo Studs Gold.


Whether you choose a real emerald, a green semi-precious stone, or even just green beads, your may birthstone jewellery is sure to make a beautiful gift or mean something special to you. Oh, and it the birthstone jewellery is for you...Happy Birthday!

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