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Colour of the Year: Ultra Violet Jewellery

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Following every seasonal trend can be difficult for even the most dedicated followers of fashion. With each season that passes there are new trends flooding the high street, making many of the items in your wardrobe off-trend for the foreseeable future. Instead of filling your wardrobe and emptying pockets for clothing that you will barely wear, you can keep your style contemporary by embracing a colour trend.

Colour of the Year 2018: Ultra Violet

If you want to be sure that you invest in a colour that will be on style for the entirety of 2018, then you need to look to Pantone. For those that don't know, Pantone is the world's authority on colour, when they say a colour is going to be next big thing, the world listens. Each year the colour maestros name the colour of the year, and you are destined to see it everywhere – from the catwalk to the high street, to graphic design and branding, to home furnishings and décor, to anything else you can think of.

Ultra Violet is the Colour of the Year 2018

This year the Pantone Colour of the year is Ultra Violet – a dramatic and provocative deep purple shade that is original, visionary, and points to the future. The blue-based purple shade is inspired by imagination and inventiveness and is reminiscent of the deep mysteries of the cosmos. Ultra Violet is symbolic of the limitlessness of what we see in the night sky.

Furthermore, the new colour of the year pays tribute to some of the most iconic counterculture icons. David Bowie, Prince, and Jimi Hendrix all brought the vibrant shade of purple to the stage, as a way to express their individuality. Ultra violet is all about non-conformity, breaking away from the norm, and pushing the boundaries. Could there be a better colour to add to your wardrobe in 2018? Any colour that is good enough for Pantone and for Prince, is good enough for me.


Accessorise with Ultra Violet Jewellery

A great way to incorporate colour trends into your wardrobe is with accessories and jewellery. Invest in some good quality, timeless pieces – such as the little black dress, indigo skinny jeans, tailored white shirt, etc. and add a pop of colour with some Ultra Violet jewellery. A pair of chandelier earrings in the rich purple shade will really stand out against a classic little black dress, or a pendant in the on-trend colour will add a contemporary touch to a simple denim ensemble.

Ultra Violet Jewellery is On-trend for 2018

So next time you are thinking of buying a new piece of jewellery, why not consider some Ultra Violet.

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