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How To Wear Jewellery at the Beach

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Many parts of Europe are enjoying a mini heat wave, and it is about time too. For me, when the sun shines, the sand and sea of the beach call to me, and I just have to feel the cool water on my toes. The good weather has come at the perfect time, as a large proportion of the population is occupied with a certain football tournament. Therefore the beaches may be quieter than usual, so make the most of it whilst you can, and why not make the most of it is style. You never know how long the good weather will last, so break out your favourite bikini, find some oversized sunglasses, and add some pieces of your favourite beach jewellery.

Styling Beach Jewellery

You may think wearing jewellery to the beach is a little bit over-the-top, and so what if it is. You always compliment your little black dress with your favourite necklace or earrings, so why can't you wear some jewellery with your favourite swimsuit? Well you absolutely can, and you absolutely should, but there are a few styling tips to follow to make sure you're wearing your beach jewellery the right way.

Beach Jewellery - Minimal Style

Minimal Styles are Best for the Beach - Double Finger Ring

  • Less is More – The beach is really not somewhere to pile on the jewellery. You don't want all that jewellery getting clogged up with sand, or tangled in the straps of your bikini. Plus with multiple bangles, necklaces, rings etc. can you imagine the weird tan lines that all that jewellery would create. When it comes to wearing jewellery at the beach, less is more.
  • Minimal is Best – Subtle pieces of jewellery are perfectly suited for a laid-back beachy vibe. Think thin chains, simple shapes, and minimal pendants that are clean and chic. They will catch just enough light to give a gentle sparkle, which is better than the blinding disco ball glow glinting off a dozen chains.
  • Neutral Tones – Golds, silvers and other neutral tones (for example wooden beads) are the best choice for beach jewellery. These hues will complement any skin tone and any colour of swimwear or beach wear.
  • Precious Metals – Believe it or not, you are better off wearing precious metals – like gold and silver – to the beach, as they are not noticeably affected by the salt in the water or air. The ferrous metals, like plated iron, copper or steel jewellery, will be adversely affected by all the salt, causing them to degrade and rust.

Beach Jewellery - Precious Metals

Precious Metals can Handle the Beach Environment - Scala Pendant

  • Clean Up Afterwards - Following your jaunt to the beach, don't forget to clean up afterwards and I don't just mean by taking all of your rubbish home with you. Give the jewellery you wore to the beach a little special attention. Using a soft, non-abrasive brush, remove any grains of sand, and rinse the jewellery in cold water to remove any salt or residue from lotions etc.
If you are thinking of heading to the beach over the next few weeks, don't forget to wear adequate sun protection, take breaks in the shade, and drink plenty of water. Enjoy the sun safely this summer, and you will look good and feel good.

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