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Jewellery Trend Alert: Contemporary Pearls

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Here at Kimsu, we are are particularly found of semi-precious stones and the precious metals gold and silver. They are timeless, and will forever be in style and on trend, which makes any semi-precious jewellery a good investment for your jewellery box. However, we do appreciate other style of jewellery and other stones, as there is so much beauty when it comes to these wearable works of art. We love pearls – they are also completely timeless and always effortlessly chic.

Trend Alert: Contemporary Pearls

Every woman should have a one piece of pearl jewellery in her collection. It is sure to look stunning with every item in your wardrobe, adding a touch of class whether you are wearing a cocktail dress or jeans and a t-shirt. You may be of the opinion that pearls are reserved for a lady of a certain age, with a simple pair of studs, or single string necklace. Well, I have to inform you, that those days are long gone. Pearls have come a long way, and are currently a big feature in the jewellery world.

Pearl Jewellery Trend - Pearl Choker

Would you wear a pearl choker?


In the last few years, pearls have underwent a revolution. It all started on the catwalks in 2016, when Chanel gave the world a new take on pearls, bringing them up to date by showcasing them in some seriously contemporary footwear. In their Cruise 16/17 Collection. Gucci followed suit with some incredible mid-heeled loafers, with stunning pearl-accent heels. Suddenly pearls were back on the fashion radar.

Gucci amped up their pearl game in 2017 by giving their seasonal collections a heavy dose of pearl jewellery, the likes of which had never been seen before. Pearl chokers, ear cuffs, oversized earrings, and stacked rings, gave the once traditional jewellery piece, a total revitalisation. Instead of being a subtle necklace to be worn with a twin set, it is now the ultimate in cool-girl chic, that is worn to be seen. Think multiple string necklaces, and pearl rings stacked on top of one another, with any other rings in your jewellery box.

Consider wearing your pearls a different way in 2018.


The jewellery trend for contemporary pearls continues in 2018 with many designers releasing contemporary and versatile pieces of pearl jewellery that have a fresh take on the classic. Pearls are featuring on unusual geometric pieces, or carved into traditional gemstone shapes, as opposed to the classic pearl sphere. It is certainly an exciting time for pearl jewellery, seeming to be one of the hottest jewellery trends for 2018.

Don't worry if your budget does not stretch to real pearls, costume jewellery can look just as effective at a fraction of the price. Furthermore, you can get a great price for cultivated freshwater pearls, which are grown in a controlled environment. Finally, search through charity shops, thrift stores, and antique fairs, as you may just find a unique and special piece of pearl jewellery, for an absolute bargain.

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