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KIMSU: Jewelry for the Powerhouse Woman

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Jewelry is the staple of any good outfit. It can make or break even the most perfectly prepared ensemble. It completes a person’s image and is a representation of their personality. However, it can be difficult to find jewelry that fits the everyday lives of dynamic powerhouse women. It can be hard to find something that fits their charismatic, no nonsense, and strong attitudes. KIMSU is a new company dedicated to helping powerful women cultivate a look specific and particular to them through the unique perspective of Sue Woo Kim, ethical practices, and a blog providing tips and information for those seeking more knowledge into the jewelry world.  

Silver Double Finger Ring


KIMSU is a jewelry company determined to help powerful women perfect a look that emulates the leadership qualities these women hold within themselves. Every piece is specially made thinking about the strong, independent women who are ready for pieces of jewelry that live up to their creative and unique drive. We take clean lines and geometrical shapes to create powerful collections of architecturally designed rings, necklaces, and earrings. The strength of this jewelry steps up any outfit, and creates a strong confident image that not only allows women to feel in charge of their lives but also look and emulate an aura of power. This helps propel women into tapping into their talents and becoming their best selves. They are able to feel strong and authoritative in their look which helps them emulate those characteristics in person.

This includes the powerhouse co-founder and the top designer, Sue Woo Kim. As a native to South Korea, she got her inspiration for jewelry when she was just a year old. In Korea, it is customary to give the child a gold ring on their first birthday. This tradition wishes prosperity for the future of the child, and it was this tradition that ignited the flame within Kim and allowed her to be prosperous by exposing her to the power and symbolism of jewelry. KIMSU is her expression of this power, as she pairs it with an entrepreneurial spirit, and 7 years’ worth of an architectural and interior design background. It’s through this background that Kim knows how to make jewelry that compliments a strong woman. Her interior design experience lets her know what makes up a great color and how to make it work for everyone. This means she has the vision to make jewelry that fits every skin tone, color scheme, or clothing line. It has even aided her in creating a very specific gold coloring unlike any other brands’. It is a striking color that is light enough to catch the light while dark enough to show a rich undertone. It works with all skin tones, and is a staple piece completely unique to the KIMSU jewelry line. It is a product that is stylized into masterful pieces of art, and are the statement pieces you have been missing in your wardrobe 

The best part about KIMSU though, is the fact that the company is completely ethical. We treat all of our employees to the highest of standards making sure their goals align with ours and the positions that each employee holds. Our employees work hard every day, and we make sure to show them our appreciation and to compensate them fairly. We also make sure to dispose of all our chemicals in a responsible and appropriate manner. The environment is important to our company, so we make sure to do our part in lowering our carbon footprint when possible. This means not only do we follow the laws set in place, but we never cut corners when it comes to the public or the environment’s health and safety. It is in our mission to be a brand you can love, with a company you can love.

Gold-Plated Vermeil Triangolo Pendant

To further this mutually-beneficial relationship, KIMSU also offers a blog that is curated with our customer needs and wants in mind. Our blogs are written as another way for our customers to interact with our company and expand their knowledge into our mission. We post updates of the company happenings so that as new products and campaigns arise, our customers stay informed. We also use these blogs as a way to provide tips on the latest fashion trends in the jewelry world, along with how to best style KIMSU specific products. We want to make sure every woman has a chance to create a look that works best for her, and our goal is to provide a resource from which she can create the core of her look from.

Overall, we here at KIMSU are a modern twist to what normal jewelry has been. We strive to empower women with our sharp lines and clean-cut shapes. We have created accessories geared towards women who like strong, authoritative, and powerful looks. We want every woman to recognize and ignite their full potential through jewelry and looks that fill them with confidence. Sue Woo Kim’s background in architecture and interior design gives her a unique perspective of the jewelry world and allows her to create for women who want to feel important. Our blog allows us to continue this mission by creating content that provides tips and news into the fashion world. We fit into her everyday lives as she goes about her day, casual or professional. We have the jewelry that matches her charismatic, no nonsense, and strong attitude. KIMSU is the jewelry for the powerhouse woman.

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