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Silver Rings: The Symbol of Power

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Silver jewelry is a gorgeous in general, but there is no piece of jewelry that means and symbolizes more meanings than the silver ring.  The silver ring is a statement piece that can add a point of interest to a casual outfit, or make a bold and empowering statement for those fancier looks. When picking out the best silver ring, however, one must consider multiple things. You have to think of the top you are wearing and the kind of image you want to cultivate for yourself. For rings hold a lot of power in symbolism, and it is important to understand what each kind of ring means to you.

Silver KIMSU Rings

Our very own KIMSU designer, found her inspiration in a ring she got as a child that represented prosperity in the future. In South Korea, where Sue Woo Kim is originally from, they give a child a ring on the day of their first birthday. This is done with the belief that the child will have a fortunate and prosperous life. A single ring has that meaning and significance behind it. And South Korea is not the only culture with these kinds of traditions. Many countries use a ring to represent the engagement and then union of two people in marriage. It is the two rings that binds the couple together. There are plenty more examples of different rings with significant meanings in many cultures, and KIMSU’s rings are no different. They are designed with specific meanings and architecture as described in many of their descriptions. The ring is a powerful piece of jewelry that must be respected.

Another thing to think about is the ring color. One trend popping up right now is jewelry made of silver. Silver rings are included in this trend because the cool color can calm down a look. Silver rings have a consistent elegance to them, which is important when wearing multiple rings at once. The coloring also allows these rings to be flexible and change with the kind of outfit one is wearing. Silver is a unique color that can be used in almost any kind of situation, casual or fancy. This allows for an easy transition from outfit to outfit, especially when there is little time to change between different events. One thing to consider, however, is the different kinds of sleeves one is wearing and the image they want to cultivate with their ring.  A long sleeve shirt may want to use a bolder, bigger ring as to not get swallowed up in the fabric. However, a small, elegant band could provide a subtler elegant look that screams prestige.

The following are two examples of KIMSU rings and options on how to wear them. The first example is for a woman who wants to make a strong and bold statement. Our silver Double Finger Ring makes a statement for power with its straight cut and large size that demands to be seen. This is a ring that will not be over powered by any kind of clothing and can be worn several different ways. Because of its size and the boldness to its form, this ring will not be overpowered by a long sleeve blouse, and will instead become quite the statement piece. It also pairs well with a sabrina neckline, cap sleeve dress. That type of dress generally makes a statement of confidence on its own, so when it is paired with our Double Finger Ring you’ll have full command of the room. Both of these outfits work best when used with bold solid colors for the fabric. Black, Navy, Magenta, and Purple are all colors that make their presence known and compliment this ring nicely.

Double Finger Silver Ring

In our second example, we are looking at a refined elegant woman who may seem quiet, but when she speaks she knows everyone is listening to her every word. With her regal confidence, a loud statement piece may not be what is needed for her to stand out. Something like KIMSU’s silver Quadrato Ring can create a subtle but powerful feel to one’s look. This specific ring looks great as an everyday look pairing nicely with most tops and acts as a reminder to keep the creative juices flowing. It also pairs nicely with more flowy dresses. Because the Quadrato Ring is one that is more relaxed, it can be paired easily with patterned pieces, and lighter colors such as light pink, violet, robin’s egg blue, or pastels.

Silver Quadrato Ring

These are just two pieces in the KIMSU collection, and they can be worn in multiple ways. Whether it is to a classy event, or an everyday outing. KIMSU has many more statement rings to fit the multiple kinds of “loud” personalities, and the subtler rings for those who just need a little something extra to complete their look. If you want to know more about the other types of jewelry that KIMSU offers and what to wear with them, check out our Silver Pendants and Silver Earrings blogs. They will give you some more helpful hints on how to make your jewelry pop and also pair nicely with our silver rings.


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