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Stylized with Strength, Self-Reliance, and Silver Jewelry

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Silver jewelry or gold jewelry? One of the most common and hardest decisions to come up with in the jewelry world. Gold jewelry tends to be the historical favorite as it was symbol for class and elegance. It was something to strive for and a rare beauty for people to aspire too. Silver jewelry on the other hand has a much subtler glamour to it. It’s cool coloring and soft shine makes it pair beautifully with any jewel or crystal. Today, silver jewelry has surpassed gold in overall societal preferences, with it becoming an even classier look than its gold competitors.

Model posing with KIMSU silver jewelry pieces.

Silver jewelry has the ability to be used for those who want to dress up for their day, or for those who want to dress down. It can be elegant and detailed or simple and comfortable. Silver jewelry is versatile and one piece can be worn in several different ways, which is extremely important with the holiday seasons coming in, as that means holiday parties are about to start appearing. Days that include a holiday party can mean that you only get a moment to change from the day at the office wardrobe, to a night out ensemble. Silver jewelry, when worn correctly can do just this.

There are a few tips you can follow to make sure that your look stands out. The colors you wear are going to help define your look and the personification you give to others. Solid colors like black, maroon, chocolate, and purple are going to stand in stark contrast with the silver jewelry and create a bold statement. They look great with most skin tones and will let your jewelry take center stage, to give you an aura of confidence. If you would rather be subtler with your jewelry, light colors like whites, creams, and greys will allow your jewelry to give your outfit just the slightest sparkle and detail. This will continue to make a statement but in a more graceful and regal way.

There are three kinds of silver jewelry that KIMSU offers rings, pendants, and earrings. These are the staple pieces to any great outfit and should be thought out carefully to portray the correct image one wants. Rings specifically hold many different meanings within a multitude of cultures. In Ireland, how you place a ring on your finger can express whether your heart is open to love, or held by another. KIMSU continues the tradition of symbolizing her jewelry with pieces like our Minimal Ring. This is a ring that represents simplicity and enjoying the little things in life like nature. We place meaning and purpose into all of our jewelry as each is a handcrafted piece of art. Many of these meanings can be found in the descriptions of each piece.

Silver Minimal Ring on Model

Silver pendants are another treasure we provide within our collections. Pendants are something absolutely anyone can wear because they go with any kind of outfit. They aren’t constricting like a lot of necklaces and they can uniquely represent a person’s different interests. Our Quadrato Pendant is a simple and smaller silver pendant with big meaning. It provides the illustration of breaking free and letting one’s personality come to life. Pendants like this can be bold statement pieces and can be worn for casual or formal events.

Silver Quadratic Pendant

Lastly, our earrings are of top importance. With the ability to tie a whole look together, and give a cohesive ensemble from head to toe, our earrings are crafted to compliment different skin tones, and help slim the neckline. Take our Scala Drop Earrings, they completely slim down the neckline with a long and simplistic design. These earrings can be worn with absolutely any kind of top, and the silver coloring makes them perfect for any person to wear. KIMSU earrings are made with women who want to cultivate and create an image for themselves in mind.

Silver Scala Earrings

Silver jewelry has taken over the popularity vote as opposed to the traditional gold coloring in recent years. It comes with a classier feel and the cool coloring and shine of silver makes any piece of jewelry flexible in its demands of color pairing and styling. It can dress up an outfit for a formal event or bring it down for a more casual look. Either way, silver has become a staple for every kind of ensemble. KIMSU has taken this popularity in color and created jewelry in designs that use this metal to its full advantage. Our rings have meaning and purpose. The silver enhancing their presence on our customers’ hands. Our pendants are bold and make statements, while going with any color of top. Our earrings are created to slim the neckline and compliment any skin tone. Our cohesive silver looks are powerful and ready to complete the looks of all of our customers. If you would like to read more tips on how to pair our different kinds of jewelry with your wardrobe, check out our Silver Rings, Silver Pendants, or Silver Earrings blog posts.

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