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The Best Tips for Giving Gifts

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Every year, from about November to the end of December, the pressure to buy the perfect gift for your loved ones comes around. This can be a daunting task, especially when trying to find that special piece that represents all the love, strength, wisdom, and power someone special holds within your life. However, by following a few simple tips like looking for something you like, keeping their style in mind, and finding something with meaning, giving gifts can become something made easy.

Giving Gifts can be hard and even intimidating.

The first thing you should look for in a piece of jewelry for someone else, is for it to be something you like. This may seem like the wrong idea to start out with, but a gift should not only be something that represents the receiver but the giver as well. It follows the same concept as the golden rule, “Treat others how you want to be treated.” If you don’t like the gift, then why would the person you’re giving it to like the gift. This also allows the gift to be a representation of your influence and impact on the receiver’s life. By being something that you like as well, your gift will remind that person of you and represent the bond you each have for one another. It will also show a common ground that each of you hold, and the similar tastes you each possess. A piece that is given with only one person’s tastes in mind, will not fully represent the relationship between those two people.

On the other hand, it is imperative that you also take into account the receiver’s tastes, style, and personality. A gift is ultimately for someone else, so though you should like it too, it should not be something only you will like. To avoid this mistake, try to find pieces that you not only like but also reminds you of the person who is receiving the gift. If the gift reminds you of the person, there is a strong chance that it matches their already existing style, tastes, and/or personality. If you are struggling to find something that reminds you of someone, try to think of their favorite items like food, movies, books, colors, and subjects. You should also take in consideration their lifestyle and habits. Someone who is constantly on the go, likes to wear solid colors, and prefers a more modest or simplistic look would probably prefer something like KIMSU’s Quadrato or Scala pendants which are moderately simplistic and easy to wear as opposed to the Triangolo pendant which is consider a much bolder piece of jewelry. By taking these perspectives in account, it will give you a starting point to work from, and should help you search for items related to that special someone.

Scala pendant can be worn as a sleek pendant perfect for those looking for something elegant to add to their outfit.

Lastly, look for items with a meaning or story behind them. Once you find something you like the look of and matches the taste of the person receiving your gift, look at the backstory of the gift. There are two main benefits to finding a piece with a backstory. The first is that it gives an item more depth and personality. It allows for a gift to become more than just a surface level item. Take the Rotando ring for instance, without its product description it is a ring that draws the eye’s interest and allows its wearer to have an interesting piece of jewelry. However, when you learn that it is inspired by the “Swirl” table created by Ferre' ol Babin, then it becomes more than just an interesting piece to look at, but a piece that connects with architecture or interior design enthusiasts. The second benefit of having a piece of jewelry have a backstory and meaning, is that it will make your gift extremely heartfelt and touching. It allows the person who is receiving the gift to connect on a deeper level with the piece which in return makes them love it even more. Going back to the Rotando ring example, once that meaning is brought to light, those who have studied or are fans of Ferre' ol Babin’s work, are able to connect with a piece that before they may have only been interested in conceptually. Adding in the detail makes them appreciate the gift more, and realize the full thought process that went into picking out the perfect gift for them.

Giving gifts can be an extremely hard and daunting task. The pressure to find something that shows how much you appreciate and value those around you comes every year. However, by finding something that represents your common tastes with someone else, fits in with their perspectives, style, and personality, and that has a specific meaning that they can relate to, giving gifts doesn’t have to be so hard. Instead, it can be something special that allows you to find that perfect gift that shows how much of impact they’ve had on your life.

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