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The Ease of Silver Pendants

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A popular piece of jewelry is the necklace. No matter what you are wearing you can always add some kind of necklace to an ensemble. Silver pendants make it even easier with a color that goes with anything, and style that pairs with everything. Just like the necklace, they can complete any look and help to flatter the neckline. Silver pendants send clear messages and once you know what to look for, silver pendants are one of the easiest pieces of jewelry to add to your collection.

Silver pendants have become an industry favorite recently as they are easy to wear for everyone. Big jewelry close to one’s neck can look gaudy and cheap, chokers can be too loose or too tight depending on one’s neck shape, and princess or matinee necklaces just refuse to lay correctly for some people. Pendants, however, fit almost everyone. Absolutely anyone can wear them, and they can be worn for formal or casual occasions. Silver pendants especially have a cool coloring that allows them to match most colors and create cohesive and dynamic looks. Silver pendants are an easy go-to piece, which makes them a necessary and important piece of jewelry to anyone’s wardrobe.

When trying on different silver pendants it is important to think about your colors, style, and the message you want to send to others. The colors of an ensemble will affect the type of pendant that will work best. When looking at clothing with lots of patterns larger pendants work best as they don’t get lost in the different colors and designs of the top. Smaller pendants are going to work better with solid colored outfits as they don’t have to compete with an exuberant amount of lines and colors. When thinking about the style, it is best to think of the size of pendant you want to work with. The great thing about pendants is that they pair well with the majority of necklines. The thing to consider, however, is how big you want the pendant to be in accordance to your neckline. For higher necklines a bigger pendant will draw the eye and make a very bold statement. A smaller pendant will give the eye a point of interest and create a sophisticated and elegant looked. Lastly, you want to look at what kind of pendant you are wearing. With each kind comes a different meaning. Certain shapes can represent different things. A triangle is often used to describe some sort of power or characteristic that someone possesses. An owl could bring about a thought of wisdom and intelligent. Whatever the pendant, each one means something else, and it is important to keep those symbols in mind when cultivating a look.

KIMSU offers larger and smaller silver pendants to help every woman create a look unique to them. A woman who is looking to make a bold and straight forward impression, will go for something like our Triangolo Pendant. Its simplicity in shape and larger size makes this pendant a knock out. It will pair nicely with everything from an oversized cowl neck sweater to a little black dress. This is a bigger pendant so you can wear it with multicolored or patterned garments and still have your pendant stand out and get noticed by those around you. It also has a downward triangle that represents the power women possess.

Silver Triangolo Pendant

For a people looking for a subtler look to their pendant we have the Quadrato Pendant. This pendant is smaller than the Triangolo but its impact is just as strong. The Quadrato is for those who want to let their personality shine through elegance and grace. This necklace can be worn with multiple patterns when they resolve around the color schemes of light blues, greys, light pinks or purples. However, this pendant pairs best with solid colors as it allows for this pendant to take center stage. Which is exactly what this pendant represents. It shows how society often tries to put each person in a box, but this pendant encourages breaking out of that shell and letting your personality and beliefs out in the open. A powerful statement in just one piece of jewelry.

Silver Quadratic Pendant

Pendants have become a popular piece of jewelry that can complement and complete almost any outfit. It doesn’t matter the color, the neckline, or the message one wants to emit. The pendant is flexible and diverse and tackles every situation with a powerful statement unique to its owner. KIMSU has pendants like the Triangolo and Quadrato pendants that help cultivate the exact image it is that you want to put out into the world. If you want to learn about other tips on what jewelry to wear with different kinds of outfits, check out our Silver Rings or Silver Earrings posts.

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