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The Integral Look of Silver Earrings

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Silver earrings are crucial to the world of jewelry. They make an ensemble look complete head to toe. They create importance and give their owners an air of elegance. Earrings are the must have pieces of jewelry that makes a look look completed. With this in mind, it is important to have earrings that can go from day wear, to night wear, to everything in between. Silver earrings tend to be the most effective in accomplishing this task. Silver can be used to dress a look up or down. It is flexible and with its shiny qualities, and has the ability to go with almost any ensemble. It is important to know the factors of what to look for in an outfit and understand what will pair nicely with a specific pair of earrings before trying to blindly buy them or pair them with different looks from your personal closet.

Quadratic Silver Earrings and Rotando Silver Ring

Picking out the perfect pair of earrings relies on three main factors, hair, fabric type of your top, and the message one wants to portray. Hair is one of the most important parts of wearing a pair of earrings effectively. You do not want to wear a pair of gorgeous stud earrings and then keep both sides of your hair down covering your ears. The meaning and beauty will be completely lost to those around you, and you might as well have gone without wearing earrings. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than wearing decorative dangling earrings and having them get stuck in a side braid or other elaborate hairstyle that congregates near one or both of your ears. A go to rule, is to wear studs with at least one side of your hair pushed back or in an elaborate updo.  Hair pulled back completely away from the ears or having your hair freely down is better for dangling earrings. The other thing you want to think about is the kind of fabric your clothes are made of or if you decide to wear a scarf. If you decide to wear a lace, knit, or similar kind of fabric with dangle earrings, beware that they then could end up catching on the fabric. Dangle earrings are much better with silky or smooth fabrics that don’t have very many holes or places to snag on. Lastly, you want to make sure that your earrings have a meaning to them. Whether it is the shapes that represent a characteristic of yours, or a color (like silver) that emboldens you, knowing the meaning of your jewelry will help you connect with it and create confidence in your look.

KIMSU has created multiple kinds of silver earrings to help women cultivate their perfect image. Take the Triangolo Studs, they work for women with a purpose and multiple skills. The earrings can be rotated to show the triangles in both of its orientations which shows both a masculine and feminine power. These earrings make the statement that it takes both kinds of leadership to create an effective atmosphere. These earrings pair well with any kind of fabric including those like knit or lace fabrics. Triangolo Studs also dip down below the ear just enough to help outline and slim down the neck. These earrings are perfect for anyone looking for a stylish way to show their vast knowledge of skills and talents.

Silver Triangolo Earrings rotated to show triangle in both orientations

There are also the Quadrato Earrings, which are based around the beauty of languages. These specifically refer to the Korean alphabet. This piece of jewelry is made with the strong authoritative woman in mind. Its sharp lines are perfect for making a statement in the professional or social environment. These pair best with a professional updo. Anyone who likes to wear their hair in a French twist would be very happy with this pair of earrings. They also are best suited for smoother fabrics so as not to get caught in the holes or open spaces of other kinds of fabrics. This kind of earring makes a bold statement and should be made center stage of an ensemble to get its full effect.

Quadrato Silver Earrings

Earrings create a look of completion for most outfits. Silver earrings in general look expensive while being flexible to the surroundings and the formality of the situation it finds itself in. Its flexibility and adaptation of its wardrobe is what makes silver earrings popularity soar. By knowing the best hair style and clothing type to pick for each type of earring, one can get the most meaning and purpose out of their earrings. KIMSU has many different options of silver earrings so that every woman can find her best fit. If you would like to get more tips on how to pair KIMSU jewelry with your clothing, check out our Silver Rings or Silver Pendants blog posts. The examples go in stride with our silver earrings, and will give you great tips on how to let them stand out on their own.

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