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The Strength and Resilience of Gold- Plated Jewelry

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Though the popularity vote tends to go towards silver jewelry, there are times when you just need a little gold in your life. Gold-plated jewelry is jewelry that comes with a pop. Because it is only plated, you get the look and quality of a gold piece without the gigantic cut into your wallet. It pairs very well with fall and winter trends, and allows one to make bold and authoritative images. KIMSU has created gold-plated jewelry in a unique fashion that allows absolutely anyone to wear it.

Gold- Plated Vermeil Jewelry

Gold-plated gets the bad reputation of not being real gold jewelry. However, gold-plated comes with all the same benefits as gold jewelry and depending on the quality can be just as durable and looks almost exactly the same. One concern with any kind of plated jewelry is that it will fade over time. However, when working with top quality plating like Vermeil, this issue becomes obsolete. Gold-plated jewelry can be just as delicately and beautifully designed as a real gold piece of jewelry. A gold-plated piece can have very similar coloring, shine, and feel almost exactly like gold jewelry.  It is able to be crafted into unique pieces and allows more customers to get the bold and glamorous look of gold jewelry. The only major difference between real gold jewelry and that which is just gold-plated is the value of each specific metal.

Gold-plated jewelry’s gold coloring,  pairs extremely well with the trends of fall and winter. Gold jewelry with a black dress will always be a traditionally glamorous look. It is a bold classic and looks elegant on everyone. However, gold also looks great with seasonal colors as it stands in stark contrast to the dark coloring. Maroon, purple, red, green, navy, and chocolate brown are colors that are all related to trends in the cooler of seasons. Gold enriches these colors with its bright coloring and lavish interpretations. It also looks great against winter wonderlands, as opposed to silver which sometimes gets lost in the white and grey background. All in all, gold is a great color for the cooler seasons.

KIMSU has helped enhance the use of the gold-plated jewelry, by coming up with a unique gold-coloring. It is bright and shines enough to catch people’s eyes, but has a rich undertone that pairs nicely with different skin tones. It is a very unique coloring, and can be found in all of our gold pieces.

Gold-Plated Vermeil Earrings

KIMSU gold-plated jewelry also uses the highest quality of vermeil and is high above the industry average. This kind of metal allows for the everyday wear and tear without changing the color or shine of your jewelry. KIMSU offers several kinds of pieces in the gold coloring including: rings, pendants, and earrings. For example, our Rotondo Ring which is inspired by “Swirl", a table from Ferre' ol Babin, is a circular ring with a touch of color that is bold and ready to make a statement. Paired best with a long sleeve dark colored shirt, this ring will catch the attention of everyone you talk to. Its circular shape is a classical look to a ring, but the size and malachite stone give it a twist that stands out.

We also offer pendants like the Scala Pendant. This simplistic gold pendant creates the image of confidence and standing firm in one’s belief. For maximum impact, it should be paired with a solid colored, high neckline top. It will bring interest to one’s outfit and give you the confidence to keep your head held high.

Finally, we have our gold-plated earrings. Earrings have always been a staple piece in fashion. KIMSU earrings are no exception. Earrings like our Milan Studs, show KIMSU’s roots by being inspired by places that encourage and expose others to design, fashion, and architecture. These earrings show the more artistic views of the world, and remind others to get in tune with their creative juices. These earrings are best suited for a messy updo or a French Twist. Either way the hair should be pulled up away from the neck and ears in order to show off the pair of earrings.

Silver jewelry is a favorite; however, gold will always be the classic choice. With its past enriched with glamour and regal beauty, gold will always be a relevant choice for making a bold statement. And gold-plated jewelry is the alternative, with very similar coloring and durability. It fits in with the colors of the season, and allows KIMSU to create a color unique to our brand. With the use of vermeil, KIMSU defies industry standards and allows for customers to take on the gold look, while going about their everyday lives. Whether it be rings, pendants, or earrings, the gold-plated jewelry is one that comes in loud, proud, and ready to be seen.

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