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Top 5 Jewellery Trends for Summer 2018

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Whilst most look to the latest fashion trends to guide their wardrobe choices for the upcoming seasons, how many of us look for the upcoming jewellery trends? By updating your jewellery to match the seasonal accessory trends, you can refresh your wardrobe effectively for a minimal cost. With the Summer season just about upon us, jewellery lovers can now indulge in a whole new set of trends, and for 2018 it is fair to say that some are more subtle than others.


On the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks, the jewellery of the top fashion houses really made a statement. Standout pieces in their own rights, the runways saw models wearing oversized rings, chunky charm bracelets, chandelier earrings, bold logo necklaces, and stunning sculptural pieces. With all these amazing pieces of jewellery sparkling on the catwalk, it is difficult to pick our favourite trends, but these are our top 5 jewellery trends for Summer 2018.


Layer Up

The staple jewellery trend of layering is back in a big way for Summer 2018. For relaxed summer chic, multiple minimal pendants necklaces of different lengths are worn together, to give a body jewellery vibe. Think simple geometric shapes, that will add to any ensemble, instead of overpowering it. Dior and Saint Laurent nailed this trend on the runway, presenting an organised jumble of thin chains, with varying lengths and chic pendants.

Layer Up (l-r): Triangolo Pendant; Quadrato Pendant; Scala Pendant.



Fruity Flavour

Who doesn't love a good novelty jewellery trend? The rise in popularity of perspex and acrylic jewellery, has seen a real boost in the amount of fun and quirky jewellery we see on the runways. The novelty jewellery trend for 2018 has a distinct fruity flavour, with everything from the fruit basket featuring on earrings in particular. Prada had the sweetest fruit with their trademark banana earrings, but Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana, and Jacquemus also had some fruity moments.


Brooches are Back

It seems that the last time brooches were popular in the jewellery world, was back in the early 1990's, so they are definitely due a comeback. For Summer 2018, brooches were given the contemporary touch, with sculptural polished metal (Louis Vuitton), hardware detailing (Celine) and a mixture of tough metals and sparkling jewels (Miu Miu). There is no need to shop designer when hunting for the perfect brooch – fantastic vintage numbers can be found in charity shops, which will not just be cheap, but unique too.


Make A Statement

When it comes to seasonal jewellery trends, there is always something for the woman who wants to stand out. For Summer 2018, the focus is on being over-the-top and just a little bit eccentric. Whilst Gucci's futuristic chin-strap style necklace, may be a little much for everyday wear, but the multiple cluster rings of Chloe of Spring/Summer 2018 and the brightly coloured crystal beads of Tory Burch, were perfect examples of extreme and everyday. Experiment with oversized pieces in bold, clashing colours.

Make A Statement: Triangolo Ring 


Mix 'n' Match

Last year mix 'n' match earrings were a hot jewellery trend, but with earrings of a similar style and colour palette being worn together. This year the trend has been stepped up a notch with radically different shapes and styles worn together, keeping the balance with similar sizes and lengths. This trend was very well represented on the Spring/Summer 2018 catwalks with the likes of Oscar de la Renta and the Jacquemus using them in their presentations. Our personal favourite was Roberto Cavalli, who teamed graphic leaf earrings with oversized hoops.


Investing in a few of the top jewellery trends of 2018 will not just help refresh your wardrobe for one season, but for many to come. Popular jewellery trends have a tendency to resurface every few years, and many pieces are versatile enough to adapt to a number of trends. So, what is your favourite jewellery trend for Summer 2018?

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