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Sue Woo Kim, born in Seoul, South Korea, studied architecture and interior design living across Seoul, New York, Milan and Berlin, always working in the design world. In her international career, Sue has over seven years of experience working with top international brands. As a child she received a golden ring at her first birthday as per Korean tradition, which ignited her strong passion for jewels; now with KIMSU her dream has come true.


Roberto Bertinetti, born in Biella, Italy, is from a family of entrepreneurs of six generations. With a top of class degree in Finance, he was part of the Italian national fencing team since he was a child, which gave him the opportunity to travel all over the world.
He started his career in digital marketing in 2011, and within just a few years, he rose to the position of top manager of European and American renowned brands.


KIMSU is the creation of two passions coming together to form one dream, one future. It takes a philosophy that even the tiniest symbols, gestures, and experiences can ignite a passion within. KIMSU creates handmade pieces of jewelry based around that theory and allows women to find their own passion, using a unique shade of gold exclusive for KIMSU and gems of the finest quality.

Through strong architectural designs that imitate symbols of strength, we try to push women to find the confidence to be themselves. With Sues background in interior design and architecture, KIMSU creates pieces allowing women to get in touch with their feminine side and find their strength. Roberto’s expertise in marketing allows women to receive these ideas and gain confidence within themselves through our socially responsible and ethical brand, where all silver is recycled and jewels are created respecting the environment. KIMSU is a passion within itself, which allows it to inspire passion within others.

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